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Maruti Finance

Garuda Maruti car financing options are available to customers to make owning a car easier. Use our can loan calculator to calculate EMI using car interest rates. We even have used car loans.

Finance your Car Documents  

Garuda Maruti Finance Options
1. Collection of Documents

Garuda Maruti Finance Options You need to furnish all documents as per the check list (see overleaf). All the necessary documents have to be submitted before the finance process can be initiated.

7. Delivery of Car

Garuda Maruti Finance Options Delivery of car will be done only after receipt of delivery order from the Banker, subject to availability of model. Colour, completion of registration process etc.

6. Disbursements

Garuda Maruti Finance Options The Bank does final checking of approved files, agreements, cheques, etc. If complete, delivery Order will be issued to Garuda Autocraft Pvt Ltd., in case of any mismatch, in signatures, address proof etc., Delivery Order will be delayed till rectification.

2. File Logins

Garuda Maruti Finance Options Your loan application with the complete set of documents, you have furnished, will be submitted to the bank.

Garuda Maruti Finance Options

Garuda Autocraft Pvt. Ltd.

# 29, lalbaghRoad, Bangalore-506207.
Phone:22228824, 222215782, 22124867.
Fax : 22270585

3. Field Verification

Garuda Maruti Finance Options Field verification is initiated by the Bank and customers are requested to co-operate with the whole process. An independent outsourced agency of the bank will conduct a field verification at your residence or office and may also do tele verifications. The agency then submits a positive or negative report directly to the bank on the basis of your feedback. Usual cases where FI report is Negative locked house, non co-operation by customer. wrong information or negative area etc, as specified by the financier.

4. Approval

Garuda Maruti Finance Options After taking a positive FI report, banker will give approval on the basis of available documents. If anything additional documents/co-applicant may be required by the Bank, it will be communicated to you.

5. Agreements

Garuda Maruti Finance Options Once the Loan is approved loan agreement needs to be signed. Posr-dated cheques / ECS to be submitted to the Bank.

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